Poor Planning On Your Part Does Not Constitute A Major Inconvenience On Mine

, , , , , | Working | July 15, 2020

I have just arrived at my hotel after an eight-hour drive on one of the hottest days of the year, I dealt with traffic jams nearly all the way, and I’ve gratefully collapsed on the bed with the fan going full blast and a nice cold drink.

The hotel has another location nearby, but this one has a fitness suite with a sauna and swimming pool, and the other one is just the basic hotel. There’s a knock at the door. I open it to find the receptionist who just booked me in looking nervous. 

Receptionist: “Hi, um, sorry to disturb you, but there’s been a bit of a mistake.”

Me: “Okay?”

Receptionist: “Yeah, I just had a platinum member show up and his booking got deleted somehow…”

Me: “…”

Receptionist: “So, yeah, uh, you’ve only just arrived, so I thought maybe I could get you to move to our other hotel? I mean, you haven’t unpacked yet.”

Me: “Are you serious?”

Receptionist: “Yeah, we could offer you, uh, uh, maybe a drink voucher?”

Me: “No.”  

Receptionist: “Oh, but, you know, it’s a platinum member, and you’re not, so, really, he should have this room.”

Me: “No, stop. I’ve checked in. I’m in my room. You are not seriously suggesting I check out and drive another half an hour to your other hotel because someone here screwed up. Sorry, but no.” 

Receptionist: “Oh. Uh. Yeah, okay. Sorry.”

Five minutes later, I could hear yelling coming from the lobby. I guess Mr. Platinum Member wasn’t impressed.

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