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Poor Fidget Has Gone For A Spin

, , , | Right | February 7, 2023



I work in a pet store. There are times I do not want to sell a person an animal because I suspect they’re not qualified to look after the animal.

A woman comes into the store with a potentially abused guinea pig. She dumps the tiny, filthy cage on the counter.

Customer: “I want my money back! My children have stopped playing with it.”

It’s only my lack of coffee that allows her to continue breathing.

Me: “We are not legally allowed to take back animals. Here is the information for the local animal shelter.”

A few hours later, another customer comes up to me.

Customer #2: “There’s a guinea pig in a tiny cage out in the parking lot!”

It took me two months to nurse the little guy back to health and regain his trust. Fidget had the most amazing personality. I trained him to use a litter box, and he had a grand old time playing with my dog and cat.

Honestly, if you really want to lose your faith in humanity, work in a pet store.

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