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Poor Choice Of Friend

| Friendly | June 11, 2014

(I went to a high school in a relatively affluent area. By contrast, I am not. I’m leaving class with a friend. He’s obviously wealthy and always shows up to school wearing sweaters and khakis.)

Friend: “Let’s walk among the poor.”

Me: “Um, sure…”

(He and I walk through a crowded hallway, and he begins commenting on how everyone dresses helps define their financial status. I’m not a fan of this, but I don’t have many friends, so I stay silent.)

Friend: “Look, they’re everywhere… and the ones that wear those denim shorts? Don’t even get me started.”

Me: *glancing down, as I’m wearing them* “Let me guess? They show that you can’t get any poorer?”

Friend: “Yes, indeed.”

(He wasn’t my friend for very long after that.)

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