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Poop Is Natural, Too, But I’m Not Putting It On My Face

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A friend just joined a beauty MLM (multi-level marketing company) and was trying to either rope their friends into joining, too, or nagging us to buy their products. One day, it was my time to get the unsolicited offer.

Friend: “You need to try this face cream! It’s amazing!”

Me: “No, thank you. I am using a cream from my dermatologist.”

Friend: “Why do you have that?”

Me: “I have sensitive and dry skin. This one works really well.”

Friend: “My cream is also great for dry skin. It’s all-natural, so you shouldn’t be afraid about it.”

Me: “No. As I said, I have sensitive skin.”

Friend: “But it’s natural! You can’t have a problem with natural ingredients!”

Me: “Eggs are natural, but they also give me a rash. So, really… no.”

Friend: “But it’s natural!”

I ignored the many texts after that and eventually had to block the number. I hope they find a better job soon.

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