Pool Monitors Neglected To Be Informed To Now Monitor For Signs Of Neglect

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I am working as a pool monitor. I’m a 5’4” woman who weighs 180 pounds on a good day. The pool is five feet deep, with no lifeguard. Signs are everywhere saying so.

A lady and a ten-year-old boy show up. He immediately gets in while the lady sets down her stuff and starts talking to her friends. Nobody is paying attention to the kid. She continues talking to her friends and he starts wading to the middle of the pool — the deep part in this particular pool — and all of a sudden he’s jumping up and down with his hands up in the air. He’s drowning. The look on his face as he looks around for help while bobbing just out of safety’s reach still pops into my head.

It’s a good thing I’m paying attention, as I jump into the pool and drag this kid, who weighs as much as me, to the shallow end.

After dragging him out and telling him to sit for a bit before I teach him how to swim, the lady thanks me and tells me she thought he was playing! She wasn’t even watching him!

I realise that I’ll have to teach the kids in the neighborhood to swim… along with a few of the parents!

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