Pontiac Whack

, , , , | Right | September 17, 2020

I am a store manager for a car audio store. A spry, clear-eyed, old woman walks in.

Customer: “I want a new CD player for my car.”

Me: “What kind of car do you drive?”

Customer: “Oh, a Pontiac Goole.”

Me: “Pardon me, a what?”

Customer: *A little testy* “A 06 Pontiac Goole! Young man, I assume you are a professional and have experience working in many cars and especially cars made in the USA. I happen to drive an American car which is a Pontiac, are you familiar with that brand?”

Me: “Yes, I am very familiar with every model Pontiac has ever made, and never in 26 years have I ever heard of a Pontiac Goole.”

Customer: “That’s absurd! How can you call yourself a professional when you have never heard of a Pontiac Goole?”

Now it starts to get real and customers are starting to tune into what is going down.

Me: “Is your car here now?”

Customer: “Certainly! I was hoping to get a new CD player but you inspire no confidence in your knowledge of vehicles or your customer service.”

Me: “Please, can I see your Pontiac Goole for myself?”

Three or four customers want to see this too, because they know cars and they have no idea what a Pontiac Goole is either. Out we go and there in my parking lot…

 …is a 2006 Pontiac 600LE.

 I then have to show her it is a Pontiac 600LE. We walk back in the store with tears down our face from laughing so hard. She was a peach and bought a new radio and then returned the next day with fresh baked cookies and brownies for the staff. She still drives and stops in every now and then with her Pontiac “Goole” and we still laugh.

Tell your tale for us! Have you been able to prove a customer wrong? The NAR community would love to read it! Submit your story and help us to bask in the karma!

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