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Politeness Opens Doors!

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I work in a small branch of a local bank. Our posted closing time is 4:30 pm on Monday thru Friday. Because of the low traffic our branch receives, we don’t have many customers after four, so we typically close our system down promptly at 4:30. One Thursday at 4:22, I answer the phone.

Me: “[Bank], this is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi. What are the chances of you guys still being open at 4:30? I need to cash a check, but I just got out of work. My boss tried to keep me late, but I have to go get a new water heater tonight.”

Me: “We are open until 4:30. Do you know about how long until you get here?”

Customer: “Um, I’m on [Street], just passing [Local Church].”

Me: “All right, we’ll keep the door unlocked for you. See you when you get here!”

Customer: “Okay, thank you.”

I relay the situation to my coworker and we decide that I’ll close down my system as normal, but she will remain open. At exactly 4:30, the customer comes in.

Customer: “Thank you so much! My boss was trying to keep me late, but I don’t have a water heater right now and I need to buy a new one tonight.”

Her transaction took less than five minutes. Sometimes, it can be frustrating when people come in at or after closing and expect to be served. But if you call ahead of time, chances are we will be more than willing to wait for you.

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