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Policy As Mad As A Hatter

| Learning | July 9, 2015

(I go to a high school where teachers allow kids to use their phones in class to ‘stay in touch with their parents’, but kids usually abuse this privilege by texting constantly with their friends. One day, I come to school wearing a cute beret.)

Me: *walking to my first-period class*

Teacher: “Miss! Miss! Take off your hat, please!”

Me: *taking off my hat* “Hats aren’t allowed? How come?”

Teacher: “They’re a distraction to learning!”

Me: “Kids are allowed to have their PHONES on them, but HATS aren’t allowed because they’re a distraction?”

Teacher: “Yes!”

Me: “Seriously?!”

(I still had to take off my hat and put it in my bag. I put it back on next period and the exact same thing happened.)

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