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Pokémon: Pun & Moon

| Related | December 17, 2016

(A few months ago my brother got the all clear to play Pokémon for the first time in years. He recently bred 30 4-5 IV (whatever that means) Beldums and sent them out via wonder-trade.)

Brother: *to himself* “Abra… Abra… There’s another abra…”

(Somehow, almost every Beldum got him an Abra.)

Brother: “I swear to god I’m gonna lose it. I don’t even need this many Abras! Let alone 20-something crappy IV Abras!”

Me: “Sounds like you’re dealing with quite the—”

Brother: “[My Name], I swear if you say that I’m going to—”

Me: “Abrakatastrophe.”

Brother: “…”

(He left the room, came back carrying a pillow, and hit me in the face with it.)

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