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Pokémon Go To Jail

, , , | Legal | November 9, 2018

(My husband plays Pokémon Go. One evening, at ten pm, I am taking a shower and he spots a rare Pokémon “on the radar.” He decides to head out; he’ll be gone for only ten minutes so he doesn’t tell me he’s leaving. He grabs his black hoodie and rushes out of the door. While he is running down the street, he notices a car pulling up next to him, matching his speed. Since he’s heading towards a corner, he slows down, so the car can take the corner without waiting. However, the car slows down, as well. My husband stops. The car stops and the lights fade. Only then my husband notices the orange and blue stripes: a Dutch police car. The cop rolls down a window and calls out a name, which isn’t my husband’s name. The cop leaves the car.)

Cop: “Sir, what are you doing here?”

Husband: “I was on my way to catch a Pokémon.”

(He shows his phone that has the app running. He then notices the cop did not come alone; there is a second car, a van, with more cops inside.)

Cop: “I see. We are looking for [Suspect], and you fit the description perfectly.”

(My husband now gets nervous. It’s clearly a case of mistaken identity, but even he admits he looks suspicious; he’s running out in the dark, at ten pm, in a black hoodie.)

Cop: “Can you show us your ID?”

Husband: “Um… No. I only ran out to get a Pokémon.”

Cop: “Do you have anything on you that can confirm your identity?”

Husband: “No… But I know my social security number; does that help?”

Cop: “You know your SSN?! That’s a first…”

(In the Netherlands, rarely anyone knows their SSN by heart. My husband does, because he’s a sucker for numbers. The cop ran the SSN through the system and confirmed my husband’s identity. Since they were clearly in a hurry, the cop wished my husband a good run. He did a good run, indeed… straight home!)

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