Pokémon Go For It!

, , , , | Right | May 6, 2018

(A man in his early 20s has come into the shop shortly before closing. He is clearly drunk, but he avoids the alcohol aisle and grabs a frozen pizza, some crisps, and a few bottles of pop. I check him out.)

Me: “That’s [total], please.”

Man: “D***. I only have £10.”

Me: “Sorry, but you’ll need to put something back.”

Man: “Um… I’ve got a tiny Pikachu in my pocket. If I give it to you, can I get everything for £10, instead?”

(The owner, who has been behind me the entire time, speaks up.)

Owner: “How tiny?”

(The man dug around in his pocket and produced the tiniest Pikachu I had ever seen in my life. The owner agreed to the deal, and that Pikachu now sits on the top of our register.)

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