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Pokémon Go And Study!

| Related | September 27, 2016

(My mum’s side of the family is Vietnamese and my childhood life has followed nearly every Asian stereotype to the letter — think 24/7 studying, expectations of A+ for every subject, etc. I am now 22, and my uncle is visiting from Vietnam. I decide to visit my parents’ house to greet him. I have also just won $500 from playing Pokémon Go, being the first to catch 15 different Pokémon in an event.)

Me: “Guess what, everyone? I won $500 playing Pokémon Go last week!”

Family: “Wow! Congratulations!”

Uncle: “That’s very good, [My Name]. But you know, you couldn’t have won that competition, or any competition for that matter, if you weren’t smart.”

Me: *confused* “I… guess?”

Uncle: “And the only way to be smart is to study.”

Me: “…”

Uncle: “So, you see, this is why it’s important to study. You’ve got your family to thank for that, always encouraging you to study hard when you were younger. Now if only your brother would study more.”

(I know people are going to call BS, but I swear this happened and yes, my uncle was 100% serious. For the record, I love my uncle; my ears were just bogging out of my skull.)

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