Poetic Justice

| Milwaukee, WI, USA | Learning | November 25, 2013

(I work part time at the school library. I notice that there’s one person who is singing very loudly, and is singing a lot of hate speech and cuss words.)

Me: “Can you please not sing in here?”

Student: “I wasn’t singing! I was RAPPING!”

Me: “That’s still making noise. This is a library. Can you please be quiet?”

Student: “The first amendment states that I have the right to free speech! This is a government institution and you cannot tell me to stop rapping!”

(I try to speak up again, only for him to start resuming his rapping.)

Me: “Excuse me. This is a library. It is a rule that says you must be quiet. Please stop before I ask you to leave.”

(The student keeps ignoring me. Finally there’s a line of people at the desk asking for him to get out. I talk to the supervisor and the exact same exchange goes down. In the end, that student was so stubborn that we had to call three adults to physically pick him up and carry him out of the library.The best part? He was rapping the entire time!)

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