Plush With Tickets

, , , , | Working | February 21, 2018

(My boyfriend and I are walking down the boardwalk when I spot a claw machine outside one of the arcades. There’s a plush inside that I really want, so my boyfriend decides to try for it. After a couple of tries, it becomes apparent that the claw can’t even reach the plush. I decide to go inside to talk to an employee, and happen to find a woman who doesn’t speak English very well.)

Me: “Hi, my boyfriend and I were playing the claw machine, and the claw can’t reach one of the stuffed animals. I was wondering if you could rearrange the machine so we had a chance at it?”

Employee: “No, no, you play to get the toy. I don’t give it to you.”

Me: “Oh, no. I don’t want you to give me the toy. I just want you to move it so the claw can reach it.”

Employee: *looking confused* “You want me to give you the toy?”

Me: “No, I just want you to move it.”

Employee: “You show me.”

(We go outside and my boyfriend plays one more time to show that the claw won’t reach. The employee watches the whole time. She suddenly realizes what we mean and starts laughing.)

Employee: “I thought you wanted to cheat! You just want it moved? I move it for you! No problem!”

(The employee then moves all the plushes, and puts the one I want in a perfect way for us to grab it with the claw. Later on, after we’ve gathered some tickets, I go to the counter and see the employee again.)

Employee: *pointing to my plush* “You got the toy! Good! Here, you have some extra tickets for wasting your time and money by getting it.”

(She gave us so many tickets I was actually able to get a giant version of the plush I wanted, so I gave her the smaller version. I hope she knows how much I appreciated what she did for me. I still love that plush, and the memory associated with it.)

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