Plumbing The Depths To Find Someone

| Working | January 20, 2016

(My roommate and I have two toilets in our house, one on each floor, but the downstairs toilet has been clogged for almost a week. After trying everything to unclog it, we decide to call a plumber. The plumber arrives at our door an hour later. He is an older man who obviously has lots of experience; with a huge box of plumbing tools and generally looks very professional.)

Plumber: “Hello. What’s the problem?”

Roommate: “Our toilet is clogged. We have tried everything to unclog it but nothing worked.”

Plumber: “Can you show me to your bathroom?”

Roommate: “It’s over here.”

(My roommate leads the plumber to the bathroom. After a long inspection we find out that our toilet is very old and should have been replaced a long time ago. We decide that it would be best to remove the toilet and get a new one. The plumber lifts the toilet off the floor…)

Plumber: “OH, GOD, THERE’S SO MUCH S*** IN HERE!” *he starts to gag* “AAHHH, THIS IS DISGUSTING!”

Me: *whispering to my roommate* “Does he know he’s a plumber?”

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