Plugging The Need For Plugging In

, , , , | Working | September 26, 2018

(I am the office manager and in-house IT “expert.” A senior manager calls me into his office one Monday morning for an urgent computer problem.)

Manager: “My computer is dead.”

Me: “What seems to be the problem?” *tries to look around him to see the monitor*

Manager: “I have a blank screen. Nothing happens when I try to turn it on. You need to order me a new one, fast.”

Me: “Well, that will take a couple days to arrive. Let’s just see if I can fix it first.”

(I try to get close to the computer, but he’s in the way, ranting about how I need to go to my office and get to ordering his new computer.)

Me: “Well, I can order one just as soon as I decide if you need a new monitor.”

Manager: “I need the whole computer. It’s all dead.”

(I have finally managed to get past him to look at the computer. I press the power button on the tower and nothing happens. I press the power on the monitor and still get nothing. I follow the cords to the UPS and confirm they are plugged in. This is an older UPS, so I can’t readily confirm if it is getting power. I follow its cord to the wall… and see it sitting on the floor under the outlet.)

Me: “Here’s your problem. The cleaners must have knocked the cord out of the plug.” *plugs it in* “Everything is starting up now.”

Manager: “So, I don’t need a new computer?”

Me: “Nope. It just needed plugging in.”

Manager: “Well, that’s not something I know how to do.”

(I’m truly not sure how he survives outside the office.)

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