Plenty Of Room For Improvement

| Working | May 6, 2014

(About two weeks after from returning from a vacation, I get an irate phone call from the manager of a hotel that had given us one night free based on the problems we had. The manager was calling to tell me that I had lied to get the free night.)

Manager: “There was no reason for you to get a free night. There was nothing wrong with the room.”

Me: “Well, I had to have emergency surgery at a local hospital. I stayed in the hospital one night and joined my husband in your hotel the second night. When I got to the room, all I wanted was a shower and a clean bed. But the room hadn’t been cleaned and all the towels were gone.”

Manager: “That is NOT true. Your room was cleaned!”

Me: “Well, if the room was cleaned then why will your security cameras show us going downstairs to get towels from the front desk? Plus, we didn’t ask for the free night. The woman checking us out offered it to us based on our comments.”

Manager: “Well, then, your room wasn’t cleaned because you had the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign out. It is fraud that you took a free night complaining about the room not being cleaned when you had the sign out. That’s why no one cleaned your room.”

Me: “Well, I know we didn’t have the sign out because my son collects those signs and my husband already put it in a suitcase to give him.”

Manager: “The sign WAS out!”

Me: “Okay, then I wish to clarify my complaint. IF the sign was out, which it wasn’t, but IF the sign was out, then I am complaining because a maid saw the sign, came in, took our towels and left. No one should be in our room if the sign is out.”

(The manager is silent but I can hear her fuming. I guess she’s had a lot of ‘free’ nights given out due to bad service at her hotel.)

Me: “So, which is it? You didn’t clean my room or you violated the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign?”

(That pretty much ended the conversation right there.)

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