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Plenty Of Fish In The Sea, Just Not In The Fridge

| Related | December 29, 2015

(My mother and I are in the kitchen. I’ve been studying all day and now I’m searching through the cupboards for food.)

Me: “Mom, did you buy food today?”

Mom: “No. I wasn’t at the shop today so we only have leftovers and whatever else is in the cupboard.”

(I search through the kitchen but give up. I ask her if we have a few specific foods and she keeps replying with ‘I didn’t go shopping today.’ She’s starting to get annoyed with me now.)

Me: “Do we have fish?”

Mom: “No, just what you’ve already seen in the fridge.”

Me: “Why not?”

Mom: “My fishing rod broke!”

(I got the message and heated up the leftovers.)

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