Please Pokémon Go Away

, , , , | Friendly | April 25, 2018

(We’re visiting a touristy, beachside location in our city. Some of my friends are in a “battle” while playing the mobile game “Pokémon Go.” As such, their physical location is in front of a fancy hotel restaurant, and they cannot move from their location until the battle is finished. There isn’t any sign of them being disruptive; they’re just standing and looking down at their phones. Nevertheless, an elderly, “affluent” diner walks out of the restaurant and approaches them.)

Diner: “Not to be rude, but could you move? We are trying to eat, and you’re blocking our view.”

Friend: “We’re sorry. We’ll move in about five minutes; we can’t leave until this game is finished.”

Diner: “Okay. But you are ruining our view, so you should move. Didn’t anyone teach you about respecting your elders and respecting others?”

(My friend and their friends are speechless. A waiter of the restaurant comes and chimes in.)

Waiter: “This is public property, you know. They have every right to be here, as you do.”

(I like to think that our city is open to all and doesn’t fall victim to the stereotypes of “rich” areas. Unfortunately, a lot of those stereotypes still exist in the form of elderly people who are seemingly entitled to a view!)

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