Please Notice What I’m Saying

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I have just gotten a call for a new job, which I have been looking for. However, training starts in less than a week, and having just received this call, I only have about five days until I start my new job. I write up my notice of resignation to my current employer and bring it in the following morning. I do feel bad about not being able to give a proper two weeks of notice, but training starts soon and the next training group is in a future of “nobody knows.”

Me: *Handing in the letter* “Hi. I’m here to hand in my letter of resignation. I do apologize but it’s not a full two weeks of notice. I was given very short notice myself.”

Manager: “Wait, what do you mean?”

Me: “Well, unfortunately, I was given the call just last night and my first day will be Tuesday, so Monday will be my last day here.”

Manager: “You need to give at least two weeks of notice though.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but like I said, I don’t have a full two weeks of notice to give. I’m just trying to give as much notice as I can.”

Manager: “Yeah, but how am I supposed to handle the situation with nobody else to close?”

I am one of three people in my workplace that know how to close, one of them being my manager; however, she works at another place during night so she never actually closes.

Me: “I’m sorry, but I don’t have the ability to give a proper two weeks of notice.”

Manager: “Well, how about working Tuesday?”

Me: “I can’t. Monday is my last day here. I can’t let this job opportunity slip past me.”

Manager: “That’s why you’re supposed to give two weeks of notice!”

Me: “I already explained that I literally cannot do that. I just received the call and handed you the first chance I got. I got caught off guard, but I can’t start any other day due to the fact that that’s when training starts.”

Manager: “You agreed to give two weeks of notice when you eventually leave, though.”

Me: “I planned to, but I already have explained why I literally cannot. I’m willing to help through my last days here, but Monday will be my last day, as my new job starts Tuesday. I’m sorry.”

Manager: *Pause* “Fine.” *Huffs off*

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