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Please Learn To Reader

, | Working | September 2, 2016

(I work as a front lobby security officer/receptionist in an office building that has a set of badged double doors leading off the lobby. Employees are supposed to use the reader unless their hands are full. Guests are buzzed through. These rules are also printed on the doors in large print. This still happens, every day.)

Employee: *walks up to the door, empty-handed, then looks at me* “Hey, let me through!”

Me: “Badge the reader, please.”

Employee: “Why? Just let me through.”

Me: “It’s policy. Please badge the reader.”

Employee: *looks at the doors, then the reader, then me* “Will you let me in?”

Me: “Badge the reader.”

(This would repeat until the employee either got tired of it or – sometimes – I gave in. Every. single. day.)

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