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Please Keep Your Spooky Action At A Distance

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I’ve been working in retail for over ten years, but just once, I saw the stars align perfectly.

Our coffee store is in a major university town — think Ivy League. My coworker is working as a barista while she is in a cheaper but no less worthy college. She is honestly one of the most intelligent people I know.

I am serving while she cleans some tables. She is wiping down a table where some rich-looking young people are drinking, likely students due to the number of textbooks they have open.

Customer: “Careful! If you spill coffee on these textbooks, they’ll cost you more than you make in a month.”

Coworker: “I aim to be careful, sir, but I can come back later if that’s more convenient.”

Customer: “That might be best. The conversation we’re having over here would just hurt your little brain, anyway.”

I see my coworker look at the page the book is open to and then casually stare at the customer.

Coworker: “Oh, you’re looking at quantum entanglement between electrons. Just wait until a few more pages in when you get to the part where you learn that electrons can have an up spin and a down spin at the same time. It’ll blow your little brain.”

With that, she wiped the table one last time and moved on to the next one. The arrogant student was giggled at by his friends as he turned a shade of red. This story now lives forever in my little brain.

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