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Please, For The Love Of God, Retire!

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When I first started at my company, I was put with a coworker who was well past retirement age but stayed around as the company had this big thing about knowledge transfer from old employees to new.

Unfortunately, [Coworker]’s job has changed massively over the last five years. A lot of it has become automated by IT, meaning that after a while, [Coworker] couldn’t actually show me much of anything, and what he could show me was basic IT stuff that I was already better at than he was.

A good trainer would admit what they could and couldn’t teach, but [Coworker] would insist that he teach me, even on stuff that wasn’t relevant. Once, he tried to show me how to use equipment we didn’t even have — nor will we have again — and made me read the instruction manual. Front to back.

On his off days, I managed perfectly well. [Coworker] wouldn’t allow me to use things like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, so I was actually faster on my own.

Eventually, I was fed up enough to talk to my boss, who then sided with [Coworker]. In retaliation, [Coworker] made me read more instruction manuals.

After months of this, I was REALLY fed up. I was chatting to a friend who worked in another department. 

Me: “I don’t see the point of all this ‘training.’ I am not learning anything.”

Friend: “There is a job going in my department. I can ask to see if they will transfer you.”

Me: “Yeah, anything other than this. But I think [Boss] will block it. I’m supposed to be the guy that takes over from [Coworker].”

Friend: “My boss is pretty senior. I’m sure he could make it happen.”

I applied and hoped for the best. One day, I got an email to sneak over to the other department where I interviewed in a back office. I was eventually offered the job and told that they would make it happen, regardless of what my boss said.

It turned into weeks of arguing, but ultimately, I did get the job. [Coworker] had to fill in for me until they could get a replacement. I did hear that my old boss asked for me to go back and train [Coworker] on my job. Apparently, this was refused by my new boss, which is probably a good thing.