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Please Drive On The Right Side Of The Century

, , , , | Right | January 21, 2021

I’m a tour guide but also drive the bus. I’m used to this surprising some of our guests, who are used to the driver and guide being two different roles. One day, I am at the ticket office doing a few jobs before my tour group arrives. A ticket office worker approaches me while talking to a couple from the US.

Ticket Office Worker: “Here she is now. This is the guide for your tour.”

Me: “Hi! I’m [My Name]. I’m your driver and guide.”

Male Customer: “Oh, no! We have a woman driver?”

Me: “Sure!”

I laugh it off thinking the gentleman is being funny, but I find he’s not really joking.

Male Customer: *Perfectly serious* “I’m a bit sexist about these things.”

I am astounded but polite, as I’m used to allowing for different cultural beliefs.

Me: “Oh, well, I’m perfectly safe, I promise.”

Then, I see one of my more, shall we say, “forthright” colleagues approaching the counter, and I can’t resist a bit of mischief.

Me: “Actually, many of our drivers here are ladies. Like [Colleague], here.”

I made myself conveniently absent.

Funnily enough, the very next day I had four men from Saudi Arabia on my tour who didn’t seem to have any problem at all with a female driver.

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