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Please Don’t Paint Scraper Me!

, , , | Right | March 28, 2022

About ten years ago, I was working at a national chain hardware store with a reputation for selling cheap products that break very easily. At the time, we had a return policy that 100% of returns needed a receipt. The only exception to this rule was if the customer purchased an extended warranty for their power tool, etc., which we could look up by warranty. This policy was plastered in large letters right above the cash registers. This was partially because we were working with a severely outdated register system: think old CRT computer monitors with a black screen and green print.

Unfortunately, most customers refused to get the memo on this policy, and it resulted in several screaming episodes at the register.

One day, on a particularly busy weekday morning, I was rushing to check out customers when a man came up to my register and shoved a paint scraper at my face, saying nothing. In my rush, I scanned it and move to check him out. He huffed at me.

Customer: “I’m returning it, you idiot! It’s a piece of crap!”

He pointed to a chip in the paint scraper.

Me: “Do you have a receipt?”

Customer: “Look it up! I don’t have it!”

He kept yelling at me, all the while pointing his chipped paint scraper right at my face and berating me for being stupid.

I called my manager up to the front over the intercom, and he must have heard the urgency in my voice because he showed up pretty quickly. Thankfully, the manager saw the customer pointing and shoving his chipped paint scraper at my face while berating me. He stepped in front of me, calmly explained the policy, and firmly told the customer to leave the store immediately for threatening one of his cashiers.

Thankfully, the man complied, cursing his entire way out of the door.

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