Please Do Not Pet The Employees

| | Right | June 15, 2008

(I was a volunteer at the zoo, and was walking around an exhibit room with a boa constrictor in my arms so people could pet her.)

Man: “Can we pet it? It’s not slimy, is it?”

Me: “No sir, not at all. She’s very sweet, go ahead.”

Man: *pets snake* “Wow, it’s really soft.” *reaches for my head* “Let’s see if its handler is, too…”

Me: “?!?” *dodges his hand*

(Thankfully, he left quickly!)

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  • EJ Nauls-Poland

    If someone tried that with me, they’d be losing that hand.

  • Stephanie McConnell

    Oh hell no!
    When I worked in retail I put up with a lot of abuse and weirdness but if someone tried touching me it would not have ended well for them.

  • Trillium

    You showed him your snake, he hoped he could show you his.