Please Do Not Creep Out The Employees

, | Right | June 15, 2009

(A male customer comes into our lingerie store and wanders around, looking at the merchandise.)

Me: “Good morning, welcome to [lingerie store]. How can I assist you today?”

Male Customer: “I need to get my wife a gift.”

Me: “Okay, what were you thinking of?”

Male Customer: “Oh, you know, underwear or something.”

Me: “Okay, what type? Special occasion? Casual every day?”

Male Customer: “Definitely something special. It’s our anniversary.”

Me: “Do you know her sizes?”

Male Customer: *moves towards me* “About your size…” *looks at my chest*

Me: “Okay, then…why don’t you show me what you’ve seen that you like?”

Male Customer: “I like… you.” *leering*

Me: “I think you’ll like my manager then, too!” *run away to get my manager*

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