Please Be Neat And Wipe The Seat

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I recently transferred offices from one with a staff pushing forty, with full, multi-stall bathrooms, to one with a staff of five and two single bathrooms. I am the only woman at this new office and, while one of the bathrooms technically has a “Women” sign on it, no one really enforces that, since there are only the two toilets. This doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is pee on the toilet seat.

After the first few times it happens, not wanting to directly confront my new coworkers, I put a sticky note on the toilet simply reading, “Please don’t pee on the toilet seat. It’s rude.” The note seems to do the trick, as the toilet seat remains piddle-free for several weeks.

Then one day, I walk in to see a nice yellow spot drying on top of the toilet. Not the seat. The top of the tank. I leave a second note. This time, I draw an arrow to the spot and write, “Is your aim really this bad?”

The next day the note is gone and the toilet is clean, and the outside of the toilet has remained pee-free forevermore.

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