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PlayStation Elation

, , , , , | Right | March 8, 2023

I work for a donation-based charity stop, so inspirational acts occur frequently in my life. A few stand out though.

Donator: “I’d like to donate this item to the shop. You’ll likely get a pretty penny for it.”

Me: “Sir! Are you sure? This… this is a PS5!”

Donator: “Haha, yes, I am sure. I got it for my son for Christmas, but his grandparents also got him one. And we were thinking over Christmas that if our family can afford to have two PS5’s there’s probably a family out there that can’t afford one that might be able to through you guys and a charity gets a nice little earner to boot.”

Me: “I… understand, I think. Would you like me to keep it in the back for a day or two in case you change your mind?”

Donator: “Does buyer’s remorse also apply to some people who donate.”

Me: “When it’s high-value items, then yes we do.”

Donator: “Well that’s a bit rubbish, but I assure you no such thing with me. Put it on the shelf right now I say! It’ll sell out fast!”

There is a slight “ahem” from a customer behind us.

Customer: *To me.* “I was wondering… maybe… if you were really going to accept the PS5 from this gentleman, that maybe I could get first dibs on it? My kids would be over the moon and I couldn’t afford one at the scalper’s prices.”

Donator: “Told you!”

It was sold for £50 under RRP and the original donator and customer walked out together talking about how much fun it is gaming with their children.

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