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Playing Hard With The Candy

| Related | December 19, 2016

(I am ringing at a popular clothing chain when a woman with a toddler in tow and baby on her hip comes to my register. I make small talk and ring up her items while her toddler son begins making a fuss about the candy surrounding the register.)

Toddler: “Mommy, I want this!”

Mother: “Sorry, sweetie, no.”

Toddler: “I want THIS candy.”

Mother: “You’re not getting any candy.”

Toddler: *screaming and kicking at register counter* “I WANT IT NOW!”

Mother: *looks to me and sighs* “Hold this, please.”

(She then proceeded to shove her infant across the counter and into my arms, pick up her toddler by the arm, and drop him into the cart as he continued to scream. She then took the infant back as if nothing happened, finished the transaction, and calmly left the store as her toddler continued to throw a screaming fit.)

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