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Playing Games In Their Relationship

| Romantic | January 28, 2016

(We’re required to do call-ins for customers who pre-order games the week before the game is released. I’ve gone through maybe three pages of calls when I dial a cell number for my area, this happens:)

Woman: “Hello?”

Me: “Yes, hello, is [Customer] there?”

Woman: “Uh, who is this?”

Me: “I’m calling to let [Customer] know that the game he pre-ordered will be in stock next week and he can come to pick it up at the midnight release, or any day after.”

Woman: “…Oh, uh…”

Me: “Is there something wrong, ma’am? Does he not want it anymore?”

Woman: “…SORRY! I don’t know. Hold on. Hold on, I’ll put him on…” *in the distance I hear her yelling* “THERE’S SOME GIRL ON THE PHONE FOR YOU ABOUT A GAME!” *but can’t make anything else out as she walks away from the phone*

Man: “Yeah?”

Me: “Hi, [Customer], this is [Game Store]. You pre-ordered this game and I’m calling to let you know it’ll be out in a week and—”

Man: “I’m not allowed to get it, and please don’t call me back.”

(The woman grabs the phone back, they bicker for a little, and I hear him grunt heavily in defeat.)

Woman: “Hi, did you get all that?”

Me: “So do you want me to cancel the pre-order? He’ll have the option of store credit or a refund.”

Woman: “He’s not coming back to the store and he’s not getting the game. I didn’t know a girl worked there. He’s not allowed to see girls. Please don’t call again!”

Me: “Ma’am, I won’t even be working on that da—”

Woman: *hangs up*

(He eventually ended up coming in with his tail between his legs, and with her at his side, on a day I wasn’t working to transfer his pre-order, which takes A LONG time and a lot of extra garbage we don’t like dealing with. “I called and no women work there,” was apparently her reasoning. I’m used to getting the “put-off girlfriend/wife,” voice when I call for pre-orders, but this was something out of this world!)

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