Playing Devil’s Advocate

| Friendly | April 24, 2014

(My father served a Mormon mission down in Louisiana for two years. This happened during their “preparation day,” which is the one day of each week dedicated to buying groceries, visiting the area, etc. He and his missionary companion enter a mall, and, near the doors, there’s a kiosk where members of another Christian denomination talk to people about their beliefs. Upon seeing the two Mormons come in with their suits and name badges, the group of other Christians suddenly rush out of their kiosk and surround my dad. One of them puts his hand on my dad’s forehead.)

Other Christian: “Satan, I command you to leave this body!”

(My dad pauses for an instant, before making his limbs outstretched and stiff, staring at the man who did the ‘exorcism’ with wide eyes.)

Dad: *in the darkest, lowest, most demonic voice he can muster* “IT DIDN’T WORK.”

(The group actually cowered in fear. My dad’s companion couldn’t stop laughing!)

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