Playing Cat And Mouse With The Dog

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I’ve recently had surgery and am staying at my parents’ house while recovering. I have been set up on the couch taking my pain meds, falling asleep, and waking up just in time to take my meds again and go right back to sleep. My mother’s dog is older and has a similar sleep schedule. He normally sleeps on the couch, but since we can’t both fit he has been forced to sleep on the recliner, instead.  

One time, I wake up and lean over to grab a water bottle and my medications. Suddenly, I hear the dog’s very distinct “I need to go outside right now or else you need to get a mop” whine. 

I figure I can go open the back door, grab a quick snack while I’m in the kitchen, and then go right back to sleep. So, I stumble into the kitchen, open the door… and hey, dog, where you at?

I look around the kitchen, no dog. I stumble back into the living room, and the dog is on the couch, giving me the “What? You weren’t sitting here” look. 

“Well played, sir, well played.”

My dad wakes me up later asking why I am on the recliner. I look over at the dog, still super comfy.

“He started it.”

That’s when I decide that turnabout is fair play.

“Hey, wanna go for a car ride?”

The dog jumped up, ran for the front door, and then came back a few seconds later with a very confused look on his face. He saw me now spread out on the couch and I swear he gave the deepest sigh ever before he jumped into the recliner.

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