Playing A Game On The Kids

| Related | June 10, 2013

(My mother and sister are visiting at my place with my roommate. Our apartment is not set up for small children, so we have to find something to occupy my sister’s kids, who are three and five years old. The three-year-old has requested to watch cartoons, and I have put in a DVD of episodes of a popular cartoon show from before they were born. The five-year-old wants to play video games. A small argument breaks out between them. I come back into the room a few minutes later to find the video running, but the kids messing with game controllers.)

Me: “What are the kids doing?”

Roommate: “They’re ‘playing’ [popular cartoon] game.”

(This takes me a minute, but everyone seems amused by it, and my sister is pleased that her kids are sitting quietly.)

Roommate: *to kids* “Keep at it; each level is about 20 minutes long!”

(It isn’t until the episode ends and the credits roll, that it dawns on the five-year-old that he’s been had. An outraged voice comes from in front of the TV.)

Five-Year-Old: “Hey! This is a video!”

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