Play Possum To Shut Her Up

| Related | November 17, 2013

(I am supposed to go to my mother’s house one morning, but I wake up with a nasty headache. I text her to let her know I will not be getting out of bed until it clears. Because I have chronic pain, my family has a tendency to sort of ignore it, and my mother continues texting me.)

Mom: “Did you see the pictures of the possum on our deck? I’ve named him Stanley.”

Me: “Perfect.”

Mom: “I read about possums. They are immune to rabies, eat rattlesnakes and mice and bugs, and are considered nature’s sanitation engineers!”

Me: “Very nice.”

Mom: “They’re the only marsupial native to North America!”

Me: “You are not helping my headache.”

Mom: “They originated about 70 million years ago, and get this: their gestation period is just 13 days!”

Me: “I’m turning off my phone now.”

Mom: “LOL.”

Me: “This is going on ‘Not Always Related’ when I get up.”

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