Plastic Parenting

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(I work in a clothing store. We use sizing nubs that go on the hanger to help us organize the garments. The nubs are about the size of a dime, and very colorful. I’m working the fitting room today, and on one of the walls we have, clear, open pockets for each nub size. There’s a five-year-old girl that keeps running in and out of the women’s fitting room while her mother tries on clothing. She spots the nub organizer and reaches in to grab a handful of them. I’m afraid she’s going to put them in her mouth and choke on them.)

Me: “Oh, sweetie, no, those aren’t to play with! Can I have them back?”

(With a little persuasion, she gives me the nubs back and goes back to the fitting room. This scenario happens a number of times until her mom comes out of the dressing room. Right now she has a small handful of nubs.)

Me: “Honey, you can’t have those! You shouldn’t be playing with them!”

Customer: “Excuse me, are you telling my daughter what to do?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but she keeps taking the nubs we use on our hangers and I’m—”

Customer: “My daughter is an angel! She can play with whatever she wants, and you can’t tell her what she can and can’t do!”

Me: “Ma’am, these nubs could potentially be dangerous for her. If she—”

Customer: “Did you not hear me?! I said she can do whatever she wants! Give her back the d*** toy!”

Me: “This isn’t a toy, and if she puts one in her mouth she could choke on it.”

(As if on vue, we hear a choking sound. The little girl has indeed put several nubs in her mouth and is choking on them. Her mother quickly bends down and hits her on the back several times before the girl spits them out. Then she stands up and dumps the handful of contaminated nubs into my hand.)

Customer: “Well, maybe if you hadn’t made them so brightly-colored, this wouldn’t have happened!”

(When I went on my break an hour later, she was ranting about me to a manager, and how I was “choking her daughter with brightly colored plastic.”)

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  • Holly

    “No, ma’am. She cannot play with OUR business’s property unless you have purchased it, making it your property. Right now, it does not belong to her or to you.”

    • Cathrope

      My money is that the manager did the opposite of that.

      • Holly

        You are probably right. 🙁

      • 白大福

        Meanwhile the manager gives her a $100 gift card, and a bag of nubs. Also has the OP written up.

        • Mimi


  • Zorua

    As you can clearly see from these security tapes, the employee forced them down my daughter’s throat! They should go to jail for attempted manslaughter!

  • Vulpis

    ‘No ma’am, I’m telling your child what *not* to do.’

  • termt

    So, what’s a nub in this case?
    I think it’s kind of like a button on a blouse or something but I also think that’s incorrect.

    • Charity S.

      they usually go on the hangers and just have a letter showing the size like S, M, L, XL etc. so when you are looking through clothes you don’t have to look at every single tag on the clothes to find your size

    • MeowCat740

      If I’m thinking of the right thing then they are those little plastic things that are round and clip to the hanging part of the clothes hanger. If you google “clothes hanger size markers” you can find pictures of them.

      • Charlotte M Spurrill-Kayser

        Right…but those don’t really look like something that would be overly easy to choke on.

        • Siirenias

          I have heard that saying things like that can be considered a challenge.

          • Shauna Mac Siacais Guell

            Plus, those nubs could look like candy, especially if they’re brightly colored.

    • Joana Hill

      Just a little piece of plastic that goes on a hanger to indicate what size the garment is. Probably a little circular thing that snaps shut or slips over the hanger part of the hanger.

      • Siirenias

        Out here, they’re squarish with a substantial clip on the back to socket into the hangars. Definitely a choking hazard.

  • Emily Warning

    Why do I get the feeling this isn’t the first time the kid has choked on something she shouldn’t have been able to get into?

    • Ellen Mottley Tannenbaum

      and mom is lucky that she did not choke to death because hitting someone on the back while choking on something like this often makes it lodge deeper down, not come up. Hence, the Heimlich maneuver.

      • The only time it’s acceptable to hit someone on the back when they’re choking, it’s when it’s an infant choking. Because the proper procedure for them is to hold them face-down over your arm and thump them hard on their back with the heel of your hand, with upward (toward-the-head) force.

        Otherwise, yeah.

      • George Gidley

        Actually, back blows are an official part of the Heimlich maneuver. The method is to use the butt of your palm and strike on the back between the shoulder blades. Source: I am trained and certified in the Heimlich maneuver (as well as CPR and first aid).

        • Morisith

          the back yes – but not the back of the head, like the story said

          • Kat Atkinson

            It definitely doesn’t say back of the head

            “Her mother quickly bends down and hits her on the back several times before the girl spits them out.”

          • naj00

            …story didn’t say that…

      • Pogla

        The Heimlich manoeuvre hasn’t been taught in first aid courses (at least in Australia and the UK) for at least 20 years due to the risk of cracking ribs.
        The standard procedure is to slap them on the back between the shoulder blades two or three times.
        If that doesn’t work, lay them down on their side and put pressure under their arm, just below the arm pit.

  • Vercalos

    Welcome to the zero responsibility generation.

    • Kathy Plester

      Actually these sorts of parents have been around in multiple generations. My mother has several school friends whose mothers would never believe they did any wrong and would storm up to teachers demanding how they could possibly tell off their little angels. My grandmother knew of several parents like this also growing up- in particular a woman in her small town who was fairly affluent and felt her children should be able to do what they wanted. Those children grew up to be criminals yet all the while the mother claimed they had been framed and police were just targeting them unfairly etc

      • Bill Cademy

        I can see that:
        “Ma’am, your son pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded all the money in the register.”
        “Well, if you didn’t have so much money he wouldn’t have done that! How dare you run a successful business?”

        • Kathy Plester

          xD I’m imagining that. Sadly I think some parents do think this way.

      • Laren Dowling

        I have some cousins like that. Still can’t understand why my uncle married their mother. This behavior is the *least* crazy thing she does.

      • Bonnie L

        Sounds a bit like Ma Barker. But she had no illusions about her sons’ lack of brains – which is why she started planning the bank jobs for them.

        • BMK

          Or so the stories say. It’s believed she was both aware of the crimes and an accomplice but wasn’t exactly a criminal mastermind herself. This was just the excuse the FBI gave so people wouldn’t get angry with them for murdering an old lady, the same way they claimed Bonnie was Clyde’s accomplice in his crimes when all she really did was tag along.

      • Abigail Hermione Irwin

        Yep, this is NOT by any means something new. These kinds of enabling parents have been around since time immemorial. It’s just that we’re hearing more about it these days.

        When I worked on a small community paper, about 20 years ago, the managers used to tell us about times in the 1960s when the “elite” of the town would demand special privileges in terms of what was covered and how. And they would not hesitate to storm into the front office and scream “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??”

        When I think of a couple of the editors I worked under … I’m almost sorry none of them tried it during those years, LOL.

        • Kathy Plester

          We are more connected than we were before which is what makes it seem like a new problem. We can view the news of basically anywhere in the world without having to be there.

  • denim

    “Not to me she’s not. She’s a major brat. So are you. GTFO before I spank both of you.”

    • Cathrope

      *hands you a phone book* or would you like a steel pipe?

      • denim

        Willow switch.

        • Laren Dowling

          My best friend grew up with a “switch bush” in her yard. If she misbehaved, her parents would send her out to pick her own switch. Ditto with her siblings. One time her brother decided to be smart, and came back with a little two-inch stick with a single leaf on it, smirking. Aunt C. sent his sister out to pick one for him instead.

          • nope

            I hated ‘choose your own switch’ and, like your friend’s brother, had to try bringing a teeny-tiny one. Never did that again. Turns out that thin, whippy branches hurt more. That b**** stung.

          • denim

            I bet your friend isn’t a spoiled brat.

      • Deadpool

        I think I’ve been a bad influence around here.

        • Cathrope

          No you’re not. Your a role model.

      • Flami

        Cat o’nine tails, an oubliette, a Catherine Wheel, that burning bull, etc.

        • George Gidley

          One of Jigsaw’s many traps…

          • Flami

            After looking that up, I think that’s another good addition to this list.

        • Lorraine ER

          Cattle prod?

          • Flami

            Ooh, that’s another good one! Hey, I found my list from years ago!

            * Exsanguination

            * Being burned at the stake

            * Being forced to watch as various body parts of yours are being chopped off or burned

            * Tearing your still-beating heart from your body (as the Aztecs did)

            * Being hung, drawn, and quartered

            * All those oh-so-lovely Middle Ages methods of execution

            * Being garroted with heavy rope

            * Being shot at point-blank range

            * Impalement on a sharp stake

            * Beheading

            * Being frozen to death in an oubliette, and then set on fire

            * Exquisitely painful torture on the rack

            * Lynching

            * Being pressed to death by stones on your chest (as happened to poor Giles Cory during the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692)

            * Having a red-hot sword run through your body

            * Being shot, stabbed, poisoned, and drowned (as happened to Rasputin during the Russian Revolution of 1917)

            * Having wild stallions tear you limb from limb

      • Raven Odette

        Riding crop

      • Chris B

        I’ve got a vintage paddle from a fraternity I bought in an antique store. I offer it to customers whose kids have screwed up their computers. (as a joke, of course)

  • Hachimaro

    “I think your daughter’s a little dim. Her IQ seems low, I’m saying. Have you had her tested?”

    • Cathrope

      And the mom! 🙄

    • Nevyn

      Did you throw a knife in the back of mom’s head?
      I wouldn’t blame you if you did , it just might be an improvement 😛

      • Deadpool

        “Three points!”

        • Lorraine ER

          Aim like that deserves 5 points, surely.

      • JB

        You’d be great at dealing with Sontarans. They too aren’t the most protective of parents, entirely willing to send their offspring into battle.

  • Bizar_re

    Aren’t 5-year-olds usually mature enough to know not to put everything in their mouth?

    • Mechwarrior

      Only if they have parents mature enough to teach them not to.

      • Laren Dowling

        Exactly! 5-year-olds are usually old enough to have learned to obey (at least for a short while), but they will only learn what they are taught. In this case, they’ve learned that they can do whatever they want, there are no rules, and the world is a big, scary, deadly place because their parents haven’t bothered giving them any boundaries.

    • Max

      Well, at five I might have put something like that in my mouth, because I was a particularly daft child and also I liked the texture of plastic in my mouth.
      On the other hand, my parents, knowing that I was a particularly daft child, kept a very close eye on me and didn’t let me wander around a store at that age.

    • Cai

      Usually, but not always. My daughter did until very late, and still (at 7) puts toys and blankets in her mouth to suck on while she sleeps. She has some mild developmental delays, though.

      That said, she wouldn’t go back repeatedly after someone told her to stop. /Especially/ if that someone were a strange adult. I rather appreciate when people help out and stop my daughter from getting into trouble when I’m distracted/busy. She’s way more likely to take a mild scolding seriously from them.

    • KashyaCharsi

      If they practically grow up like feral children, they may not.

    • sakasiru

      Well, considering my son swallowed a coin a few weeks before his sixth birthday which had to be removed under anesthesia – no, they are not. He’s an otherwise bright kid and I do my best to parent him, but sometimes kids just have dumb ideas that go wrong. However, I would be grateful if some stranger nearby would stop him to do dumb things when I can’t watch him, not make a scene.

    • Marianne

      When I was 6, I put beads up my nose…so no…not necessarily lol.

  • Caron Trout

    She could have killed that kid when she hit her on the back.

  • Lord Circe

    Quick question: Why are they down at kid height, anyway? Yes, ideally parents should control their kid, but just keeping the organizer at adult shoulder height would probably solve the issue, and would keep the company from being liable in future events like this.

    • ♛Winry♛

      They are usually behind the employee station.

    • Jay Mockingbird

      We have one of these at my store (though we keep it in the back) there are so many nubs that the organizer is hung up above my head (I’m 5’2″) on a rack we use to transport lots of clothes, and ends just a foot from the floor.

      • Lord Circe

        Huh, got it. Just seems like it would be an incredible pain to be bending over to get nubs all of the time.

        • Jay Mockingbird

          Oh, it can be. That’s why we keep it in the back and only get into it 1. When we get new shipments in and have to put them on the hanger the first time and 2. At the end of every day we have these little trays at the front of the store to collect all the bobbles (that’s what we call them) we collect off hangers of bought merchandise and have to sort them in the back. It can take a while and is annoying.

        • Lorraine ER

          It’s like a shoe organizer. You know the plastic things that hang over doors and have all the different clear plastic compartments? There are a lot of diff things that need to go in it and a lot of diff pockets on the thing so it’s usually actually hung at the top of something like a door or wall but the bottom pockets would be within a 5 year Olds reach.

    • Laren Dowling

      The organizer is usually one of those over-the-door shoe holders. The plastic kind with 16-24 pockets. Some of those pockets will be over your head. The lowest ones will be near the floor.

    • divgradcurl

      Doesn’t sound like the organizer was “down” at kid height, though. The kid in question was a five-year-old, not a toddler. Anything placed at a comfortable height for an adult, would be within the kid’s reach too.

      • Lord Circe

        At waist height, sure, but not at Adult Shoulder Height, like I stated before. The average five-year-old is only around 3.5 feet tall.

        • Moonshadow Kati

          Shoulder height would be like 5 feet, right?

          At 3.5 feet, her arms would be roughly 1.75 feet in length. She doesn’t even need to stand on tiptoes.

        • Kirishima Touka

          It would be quite inconvenient to put a shelf at shoulder height, as the employees would need to constantly reach up to grab another nub. Y’know, RSI and s***

  • Kiara521

    “Or maybe you could watch your kid instead of allowing her to run loose in my store.”

    • heymoe2001

      What!? How DARE you!!

      • “What part of ”my child is an angel’ do you prehistoric Neanderthals fail to understand! She is perfection incarnate, the one true Savior of mankind, and your DEVILworshiping employee tried to assassinate her! “

      • “What part of ”my child is an angel’ do you prehistoric Neanderthals fail to understand! She is perfection incarnate, the one true Savior of mankind, and your DEVILworshiping employee tried to assassinate her! “

        • Ophelia

          “Well, she may be an angel, but you certainly aren’t! Therefore, ma’am, you are hereby banned from this store.”

          That’s something I would’ve really liked to say after dealing with tons of parents like these. They’re so very protective of their kids and think they can let them do whatever they want, so I figure one way to deal with them is to punish the parent instead.

  • RyderOrRiot1

    This “parent” just made the list of Jericho!

  • Kitty

    Yes, I’m telling her what to do. Damn right I can tell her what she can and cannot do. Since SOMEONE has to take on the role of a parent. And I’d like to see her start tearing up your lovely, brightly-colored clothes you just purchased because, hey, how dare you buy brightly-colored things that attract your stupid kid’s attention?

  • Chris B

    “Well, maybe if you were a responsible parent you wouldn’t blame others for your own shortcomings.”

  • FU2

    What a stupid cow

  • Connie McFadden

    When I was a kid the worst-behaved teens in our neighborhood were the two sons of a police officer who worked for the local department. They were very destructive, swore heavily (and this was in the 60s, mind you, when swearing was not common in my area, even amongst adults), got caught shoplifting more times than I’d care to remember, stole from other neighbors, etc. If you said something to them or tried to stop them they’d use their dad as a threat (i.e. My dad will arrest you if you don’t let me do whatever…). Dad’s excuse was “boys will be boys”, but none of the other boys in the neighborhood behaved that way. They knew their parents would punish them if they did.

    • Jami

      My city’s current mayor’s sons are that way. Every teacher has nothing but bad things to say about them. One is ALWAYS in trouble. Yet according to her everything they do is always someone else’s fault. She refuses to see her brats for the little worthless psychos they are.

      • Katrin Schirmer

        i swear, its like kids see their parents are in some position of power and THEY get drunk on power.

        • Jami

          Pretty much.

          This idiot is not only the mayor but she’s a lawyer and brags all the time about it. Even though she’s also an idiot.

          She throws childish temper tantrums on the dias when she doesn’t get her way, takes money from unions and slum motels, and has put out city over 8 million dollars in debt since November – and started with an 11 million dollar surplus when she took over.

          She thinks the motels, where it’s a proven fact there is drug dealing, human trafficking, stabbings, rapes – not to mention bed bugs and broken wiring are “Safe, affordable housing for people with children.” Karma would be her and/or her psycho brats being caught shooting up with one of the many hookers living in these motels. A girl can dream.

          • Mimi

            Karma would be her and her family losing everything and being forced to live in that “safe affordable” housing.

      • Connie McFadden

        Our mayor’s adult son got arrested last month for slashing the tires on 27 cars. The difference is she publically apologized for her son’s behavior. She didn’t make excuses for what he had done at all.

  • Timothy Phipps

    “Hits her on the back several times before the girl spits them out” she can’t even do the heimlich properly

    • robindaybird

      granted, below a certain age, the Heimlich isn’t even that effective, so back thumping’s actually better.

    • RoseDragon11

      You don’t do the heimlich or chest compressions of any kind for children under a certain age, you’ll do more damage than good. Instead you use the bottom of your palm and hit them in the back.

  • Deadpool

    Sometimes you just need to let nature take its course.

    • I disagree, only because generally the child doesn’t deserve that. They’re too young. It’s the parent who needs the comeuppance.

  • Laren Dowling

    No, your daughter is not an angel. An angel would not take things that do not belong to her, would not put plastic items in her mouth, and would not be running around like a hooligan. She may be many things, and I’m sure you love her dearly, but she is no angel.

    • I was thinking, “Your daughter may be an angel, but you’re a terrible parent.”

    • Gabrielle Warren

      Of course, Lucifer was once an angel……

      • NessaTameamea

        I bet the servant of evil is perfectly capable to not choke himself to death with plastic.

    • Carrie

      Your daughter was one step away from BECOMING an angel because of your irresponisble behavior.

    • Scott O

      The kid was just doing what kids do. It’s the lack of parenting that’s the issue here.
      Kids don’t come out knowing what the should/shouldn’t do, someone needs to tell them.

  • Cepheron Kalle

    THESE kind of parents deserve to be called breeders. Pop out children without any intention of actually raising them.

  • Amy Susan Fisher

    I want to kick that mother in the nubs.

  • Uh… You are a guest in their store… They have the right to tell you how to behave in THEIR store…. Just as you do if the OP came to your house.

    And Arceus save the OP if they did.

    • Crystal Lee Owens

      Arceus is but an aspect of the Mew.

  • Cave Johnson

    Well maybe if you were a better parent…

    • emax4

      Don’t you mean, “A parent”?

  • Stephanie McConnell

    It makes me crazy when parents say their kids can do whatever they want. I mean first of all, you’re setting a precedent you can’t easily take back. But it makes me even crazier when parents think no one has a say over what their spoiled little monsters do in public. Are they allowed to draw on the walls wherever they go? Destroy displays for the fun of it? Dive into the shallow end of a pool where they could injure themselves for life?
    I hate to wish terrible things on children, but the parents cannot seem to notice or care otherwise.

    • jokergirl129

      I agree it’s terrible when parents let their kids do whatever they want and don’t set any kind of boundaries or hardly/never punishes them when they do something wrong. And it’s annoying when they yell at other people for daring to tell their kids not to do something.

      All this does in the end is teaching the kids they can do whatever they want, whenever they want and that no one can tell them what to do. So they grow up to be selfish, entitled, spoiled, rude, out of control and so on. With luck the kids might snap out of it and realize they can’t do whatever they want (because let’s face it in the real world most people wouldn’t stand for that) but often they get stuck like that and worst of all might end up teaching their own kids this way as well.

      • Mimi

        My parents, either/both of them, and/or my grandparents (I have no aunts or uncles but I would assume them as well if I’d had any) would have flat killed me right there in the store if I even thought about that kind of behavior.

    • Heather Davenport

      The drawing on walls and destroying displays I have witnessed. As long as the parents don’t have to clean it up, they don’t care. So I think that should be the rule when kids destroy things, the parents have to stay put and clean the crayon off the fake aluminum border their kids drew all over while they watched (wax does NOT come off that stuff easily)

      • Stephanie McConnell

        I still believe that if you witness a parent not do a damn thing about damaging behavior someone should be charged with vandalism.
        As far as the law goes I don’t know how viable that idea is but it’s still what feels right to me.

  • Souless night

    1 parents should not leave their kids unattended in a store. 2 your daughter is five not one putting brightly colored plastic in your mouth has only two purposes; learning how to suck it and teething, neither of which she should be doing at that age.

  • Andrew Weaver

    But I read in Christine that that was a lousy method to loosen a choking…

  • BR

    I hope your manager got you small plastic bins to store them in after that. Out of reach, out of your hair.

  • Mushroom

    Mother needs to be choked with something flesh-colored.

    And it doesn’t work that way, sunshine. Your kid doesn’t get to do whatever she wants, not at home and especially not in public. And there’s that matter of liability because if your little prat chokes to death, we’re on the hook if we do NOT try to stop her. *gack* Oh, there it is now, WHY I was telling her not to play with them.

  • JB

    Clothing store, not a toy store. Unless she’s taking the same half-arsed approach to shop recognition as she evidently takes towards parenting. Since the breeder is clearly spreading a lot of time trying on clothes instead of watching over the five year old she’s responsible for, I’d wouldn’t even call it half-arsed. She was probably only angry in the end because she was annoyed at being caught out at being a bad parent.

  • Matilda

    I can’t belive there are 76 comments (yes I counted) and not one of you have made a reference to her little angel almost becoming a real angel.

    • Katrin Schirmer

      someone made that reference after you posted this though lol.

  • Tyler Tenebrae

    Buy them, then you can choke all you want.

    Yes, I am angry today.

  • Tigress

    When I was working at Best Buy, I was walking through the computer department and caught a mother letting her 2-year-old kid climb our industrial ladder that we use to get stuff down from the shelves. And actively encouraging her to do so.

    “Ma’am, please don’t let her play on the ladder.”
    “Well… I’m HOLDING HER. So it should be fine.”
    “And if she falls and hurts herself, our store is liable. There’s a park with a playground less than a mile from here if you want her to climb on stuff.”

    Then I made a beeline for the phone and called the manager to the department to let them know what was going on in case she complained.

  • Denton Young

    Kick her and her crotch dropping out of the store forever.

  • It’s Customer who needs to go choke on something.

  • chaotik_lord

    This is odd. If a kid was doing this, I wouldn’t think “Oh, no, she might choke!” I would think “This is f*ckong obnoxious and has to stop.” I wonder if this tale was slightly altered to make the OP seem saintly, especially since the choking occurs so perfectly on schedule. And someone below pointed out that back-slapping isn’t an effective antidote to choking.

    The parents like that, I totally believe.

    • Kirishima Touka

      You’re obviously not the ma/paternal type.

  • AsaeAmpan

    Take a picture of the wretch, and of the child then call CPS on them. That pathetic failure is a danger to her children.

    Now as for the idiot herself. “I AM allowed to tell her what to do as you are on PRIVATE PROPERTY. You do what we say when it comes to OUR rules, if you refuse to listen we have the right to throw you out and if you refuse THAT we have the right to have you ARRESTED”

  • sackes

    – “Well, maybe if you hadn’t made them so brightly-colored, this wouldn’t have happened!”

    – “Madam, security footage shows that you are the one being irresponsible against your child, and I’m sure CPS will be very interested in why you let your child choke on OUR items after repeatedly told not to handle them.”

  • Kirishima Touka

    So why was a FIVE year old putting stuff in her mouth? Surely they’re supposed to be more developed at that age?

    • Katrin Schirmer

      you don’t learn common sense that well if there isn’t an example of it around, and the mother clearly has none.

  • Cher

    So, before everyone starts berating me, let me say first that I absolutely do NOT condone letting your kids do whatever they want. And having worked retail for many years I HATE customers who think the store is their playground and they can do do whatever. That being said, I am a single mom if 2 toddlers. And there are many things that others take for granted that are extremely difficult when you have 2 toddlers in tow. Such as trying on clothes. Oh my God, I think I’d rather shoot myself in the foot then go to store to try in clothes. I just don’t get new clothes. This poor mom was probably doing her best to raise a child on her own (because honestly there is no other reason why a sane person would take a child that young to try on clothes) and was so angry at the whole situation cuz all she needed was her first new pair of pants in years and her child was making that impossible for her. And if she yells at her kid and spanks her for misbehaving, people call cps. So half the world wants to call cps for us letting our children do whatever they want, the other half wants to call when we step and be parents and punish them like we should. We can’t win.

    • KashyaCharsi

      That’s what parenting manuals are for, so that parents know some middle ground between beating and letting the children kill themselves. Grabbing them and putting them in the cart or keeping them in sight, if nothing else.

    • jokergirl129

      While I understand that being a single parent is hard especially when you have young children but the mother’s attitude is still wrong. Base on the story she sounds like a parent that lets her daughter do whatever she wants and doesn’t bother to punish her at all. Also we don’t know for a fact that the mother is a single parent. The mother very well could be married and the husband was at work when this happened.

  • Mimi

    Let her choke!

  • d15quS

    “As if on vue, we hear a choking…”
    this whole thing happened on vue, the 3d imager?