Plane-ly Annoying

| Friendly | February 21, 2015

(I like to sit in a small garden outside my sister’s martial arts school and play games on my phone while I wait for her class to be over. Sometimes a mom takes her son and his two friends into the garden as well, and as they are rather noisy, I move if they arrive. One day, though, they arrive holding paper airplanes and start having a contest. Although I am annoyed, I am playing a timed game on my phone, and stay because I don’t want to waste my time. I decide to finish the level and then move.)

Mom: *sits down on a bench* “Ready… set… go!”

(The son and his two friends throw the paper planes.)

Friend #1: “Ha! I win!”

Friend #2: “I’m in second place!”

Son: “Mom, I need a new airplane.”

Mom: *starts folding a new airplane*

(After they finish their planes, they throw them for a little while. As they are being rather quiet, and I am comfortable where I am, I start a new game on my phone.)

Mom: “The wind’s blowing that way.” *points directly at me* “Try throwing your planes that way.”

(Immediately, all three boys lob their planes at me. Luckily, they veer off course and don’t hit my face.)

Mom: “See? They went farther!”

Me: *gets up and walks away*

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