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Plainly Didn’t Understand

| Working | March 22, 2016

(I am working drive-thru sandwiches at a popular fast food place. We are in the middle of a big rush and four of the largest premium sandwiches have been special ordered plain. We have just enough cooked meat to make them. I and a coworker from front start making them. We are rapidly stacking meat and cheese she reaches over and grabs a bottle of mustard and puts it on the last meat patty before I can stop her.)

Me: “Plain! Plain! They’re plain! No anything.”

Coworker: *stops and look down in horror* “Sorry.”

(She quickly scooped the top patty off before the cheese melted to it and returned it to the grill. She then ran back upfront to work her own line. I wrapped everything I could, then had to hold the unfinished sandwiches under the warmer for two minutes till the last patty was done, all while my order line was stacking up.)

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