Plain Kate, And Bonny Kate, And Sometimes Kate The Curst

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My name can be easily shortened to a nickname, but I go by the full name. I’m a receptionist in a medical office with two other people who have the same full name, but it’s never an issue because one is a doctor and the other, the office manager, goes by the nickname. It’s pretty easy for us to tell from context who’s needed. For sake of storytelling, let’s say we’re all named Katherine; I go by Katherine, the doctor goes by Katherine, and the office manager goes by Katie.

One day, a nurse comes up to my desk while I’m filing some things. My desk is across the hall from the office manager.

Nurse: “Katie?”

Silence. The manager might not be in her office.

Nurse: “Katie?”


Nurse: “Katie!”


The nurse leans over my desk and taps my shoulder. 

Nurse: “KATIE!”

Me: *Confused* “What? Are you trying to ask me something?”

Nurse: “Yes! I need to know if our next patient is checked in yet.”

Me: “No, no one’s checked in.”

Nurse: “Okay, thanks… Why didn’t you answer me when I said your name?”

Me: “Because my name’s not Katie. I thought you were looking for the office manager.”

Nurse: “You don’t go by Katie?”

Me: “No, I never have… which is why people have been calling me Katherine for the year I’ve worked here.”

She’d been calling me by my full name for months; I’m not sure why she forgot then!

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