Pizza So Good It Knocks You Back

, , , , , | Right | February 27, 2019

(There’s a small gate you have to go through to reach the door to my apartment. It’s really squeaky, so I can tell when someone’s coming to the door. On this particular day, I’ve ordered pizza, and I happen to be near the door when I hear the gate. I open the door before the pizza guy knocks. Unfortunately, my face ends up right where he’s about to knock, so he knocks on my forehead.)

Pizza Guy: *going dramatically pale* “Oh, my God! I just punched you in the face! I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t mean—“

Me: *laughing* “It’s okay, really. It didn’t even hurt. I probably shouldn’t have opened the door before you knocked, but I could hear the gate.”

Pizza Guy: *hopefully* “So… You don’t want to speak to my manager?”

Me: “No, there’s no need for that. I know you meant to knock on the door, not my face. Do I need to sign anything for the pizza?”

Pizza Guy: “Oh! Yeah, here you go.”

(The pizza guy looked incredibly relieved that I wasn’t going to cause any trouble over it. From then on, I made sure to wait to open the door until the person knocked.)

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