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Pixar And Lego: Opiates For The Under-Sevens

, , , | Related | September 1, 2019

(I’m moving and my brother and his family are helping me, including my five-year-old niece. They uncover a big box of Lego that I totally forgot about.)

Niece: *with a look on her face as if she’d discovered a treasure trove* “Can I have it?”

Me: *checking out the box and looking at my sister-in-law* “According to the box, it is for ages seven to twelve, so she is too young.”

Sister-In-Law: “No worries; I have a husband in that age group.”

(My brother is an avid collector of figurines featuring VW bus or Beetle.)

Brother: *yelling from the next room* “It has a Fillmore in it.”

Me: “Guess that is decided, then.”

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