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Pioneering Talking Back To A Customer

, , , | Right | June 8, 2019

(I’m answering phones for our customer service when I get this call.)

Customer: “My dishwasher isn’t working properly. Can you send service out today?”

Me: “Well, we can definitely send service out, but it might be a day or two to get service out since they have a schedule.”

Customer: “Well, that is simply unfair! How am I supposed to wash my dishes? Do you think the pioneers just washed their dishes in the river?!”

Me: *a history major* “Actually, the pioneers used washing basins, which is basically the same as your sink.”

(She then went on a rant for five minutes about correcting her before hanging up. Well, if you’re going to use an analogy from history, get it right! Some good old hard work from washing dishes in the sink might make her appreciate the pioneers more, anyway.)

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