Pint-sized Protectors Of Prudence

Learning | May 9, 2013

(I work as an English teacher in a Japanese Elementary school. I’m eating lunch with some of my third grade students and they’re asking me questions about myself.)

Little Girl #1: “Sensei, where are you from?”

Me: “I’m from America.”

Little Girl #2: “How old are you?”

Me: “I’m 23 years old.”

Little Boy #1: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Me: “Yes, I do.”

Little Boy #1: “Where does he live?”

Me: “He lives in Nagasaki.”

(Note, as I live in Niigata, Nagasaki is very far away and I only see my boyfriend three times a year.)

Little Boy #1: “Have you ever cheated on him?”

Me: “What? No, of course not!”

Little Boy #2: “Well, has he ever cheated on you?”

Me: “Definitely not.”

Little Boy #1: “How do you know he hasn’t cheated on you? Nagasaki is so far away!”

Me: “I’m pretty sure he hasn’t cheated on me.”

Little Boy #2: “You don’t know that! He could have a new girlfriend right now! I’m just trying to look out for you. You have to be more careful!”

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