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Pining For The Good Old Days When You Could Explain Products To Customers And Not Be Punished

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(I am a female worker at a popular furniture store, known for lower-cost furniture. A man, woman, and their two sons — about nine and ten — walk into my area and crowd around a desk.)

Me: “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Woman: “Yes, we were wondering what this desk was made out of?”

Man: *condescendingly* “Honey, I told you! It’s pine.”

Me: “Actually, sir, it’s plywood. There’s a thin layer of birch wood on top, but it’s mostly plywood.”

Man: *looking at his sons, and heaving a huge sigh* “No, honey, do you even know what plywood is? Plywood is made up of scraps of wood and is visually unappealing. You know… icky looking. This one is nice, and smooth!” *calls one of his sons over* “Knock on it.” *son knocks* “Do you hear that? That’s a good pine wood knock!”

Me: *pointing to the back of the tag* “The list of materials the desk is made of is right here. See? It’s mostly plywood. There’s no pine at all.” *lifts the desk* “The desk is also really light. I probably wouldn’t be able to lift a desk this size if it were pine.”

Man: *shoos me away with the back of his hand as his sons giggle* “We won’t be needing you; we need someone who understands wood.”

(They family left, and I saw them talking to a male coworker and pointing to the desk. They talked, and the man shook his head angrily. My coworker took out his radio and I heard a call for a manager. The manager came out and all of them left. Later, my manager called me into his office so I could explain why I was telling customers the desks were made of pine.)

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