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PIN-Headed, Part 6

, , , | Right | January 6, 2019

(I work at a popular shoe store, and for a while, we didn’t have the chip reader. When we do get it, the chip can only be used if the card has a PIN. Let me reiterate: if a PIN isn’t put in when prompted, the transaction won’t go through.)

Me: “All right! Your total will be [total]!”

Customer: *forces chip into the reader and is tapping her foot* “Do I hit green or red for credit?”

Me: *usual spiel* “Unfortunately, with our new systems, the chip card requires a PIN to be put in. We are unable to process payments as credit—“

Customer: *angrily* “No. That’s wrong. I’ve done it before at another store. It doesn’t work like that, and I don’t want to use my PIN.”

Me: “I’m really sorry, ma’am, but at our store—“

Customer: *rolls her eyes and ignores me while pressed the green button, canceling the payment*

Me: *internally sighs and hits the total button on the register again*

Customer: *tries again, this time pressing the red button to try and use credit, canceling the transaction again* “Why isn’t it working?!”

Me: “As I explained before, ma’am, the reader needs a PIN or it won’t go through.”

(Awkward pause as she stares at me blankly.)

Customer: *sneering* “Fine. I’ll just pay cash. You know, really need to fix that because I don’t want to use my PIN and I won’t come back here until you do.”

(Sure, I’ll get right on that!)

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