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PIN-Headed, Part 17

, , , , | Right | December 27, 2020

I work in a department store that offers store credit cards. We also order things that we don’t have in stock for customers. We are required to ask customers if they’d like to open a card before we finish a transaction. If they say no, we just move on. Also, when we order things, the system won’t allow debit, only credit, so we tell people when it asks for a PIN to just hit “next” and it will allow it to go through.

One lady is not having this.

Customer: “Why does it say, ‘Not authorized’?”

Me: “Oh, I forgot! When it asks for your PIN, just hit ‘next.’ It won’t allow debit. I don’t know why.”

Customer: “So, when I swipe my card, where does it go?”

Me: *Confused* “Um, well, it pays for your stuff. Then it goes away.”

Customer: “This doesn’t seem very secure. Where does my information go?”

Me: “What do you mean? It’s just paying for your items so we can ship them to your house.”

Customer: “So, you ask me for all my information, ask me if I want to open a credit card, and then this?”

Me: “Ma’am, I only asked for those things for shipping purposes. They need your name, address, and phone number to track your shipping.”

Customer: “Just start it over! This doesn’t seem right.”

My coworker walks up. The lady asks her right in front of me:

Customer: “Why is my order not authorized?” 

Coworker: “Are you using debit? It won’t allow debit, so just bypass the PIN number.”

I start the whole transaction over, which takes several minutes. Of course, it does the same thing.

Customer: “It says, ‘Not Authorized,’ again. Why?”

Me: *Frustrated* “Because it won’t take debit and you keep putting in your PIN. Would you just like to cancel the order?”

Customer: “No. I want my stuff.”

Me: “Then you have to bypass the PIN—” 

Customer: “That’s not secure! It should work like this!”

Me: “Well, maybe it’s your card, then.”

Customer: “I have thousands in my account. I know it isn’t my card!”

You’d think, if someone was worried about identity theft, they wouldn’t tell you how much money they have.

I gave up and asked her if she’d like to speak with a manager, instead. She said no. She finally did what I told her to do in the first place and it miraculously worked without a hitch. The whole time, she kept looking up at me like I was trying to cheat her. I handed her her receipt without a smile and walked away from the counter.

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