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PIN-Headed, Part 15

, , , , | Right | October 27, 2020

I work as a bagger at a grocery store. A man comes in to buy a couple of items and his total is about $3. He is paying with a debit card.

Customer: “Oh, I wanted cashback, but the card machine is asking for my PIN.”

Cashier: “Go ahead and put your PIN in; I’ll fix it.”

Customer: *Types in his PIN* “Oh. Now it’s asking for my PIN again. I just put it in.”

Cashier: “Let me see.” *Looks at card reader* “Go ahead and put your PIN in again. I can start another transaction if you need cashback.”

Customer: “Okay.” *Retypes his PIN* “Okay, it says to remove my card.” *Removes the card*

Cashier: “It’s telling me that you asked for [amount] in cashback.”

Customer: “How much?”

Cashier: “[Amount].”

Customer: “Oh. That’s my PIN. My bad.”

He took the cashback and his purchase and left the store. The cashier and I could barely wait until he left before we burst out laughing!

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