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PIN-Headed, Part 14

, , , | Right | October 10, 2020

As an on-the-floor sales associate, I am not often on the register. However, it’s only a half-hour before closing and the store is completely dead. I’m standing at the register when a man walks up with a box of envelopes he wants to buy.

Me: “Hello, do you have a [Store Loyalty Program] card with us? “

Customer: “Yes.”

The customer gives me his phone number. I scan the item and then hit the card button on the computer. The customer slides his card and it prompts him with the PIN code input. After he enters it, the computer tells me that the authorization for the card has failed. This is most likely not his card’s fault as our debit system has been acting up lately.

Me: “The computer is telling me the authorization has failed. Let’s try and run it through as credit this time.”

The customer becomes visually frustrated. 

Customer: “This is your fault! I just used this card a few minutes ago without a problem!”

Me: “Yeah, it probably is our fault. Our system has been acting up lately.”

The customer slides his card again.

Me: “Now, if you don’t mind, hit credit when it brings up the PIN screen.”

Customer: “This is your guys’ fault. This isn’t the first time this has happened here.” 

Our store has a policy that when you use a card as credit, we have to get the last four digits of the card and see the signature on the back of the card.

Me: “Can I see your card?”

Before I can finish my sentence, he says:

Customer: “No, I’m not doing anything more. I’ve done enough. Either go through with it or not.”

Since our system doesn’t allow us to bypass the last four-digit program, I try to explain to him that there is no other way.

Me: “I just need to see the last four digits of your card. If you like, you can read them to me.” 

I am completely willing to just bypass the signature part in order to get him out of the store.

Customer: “I’ve already said that I’ve done enough! I slid the card; your system is screwing up! I shouldn’t have to do anything!”

By now, some of my coworkers have noticed what’s going on.

Me: “All I need to do is see your card. After that, you’ll be fine to go.”

Customer: “Forget it. I don’t want to buy this stuff anymore. It’s your fault that you didn’t get to sell me this today.”

Me: “All right, sorry about that. Have a nice night.”

He then proceeds to stand there and watch as I clear his details from the computer. 

Customer: “You need to tell your manager to fix the system.”

Me: “Have a nice night.”

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