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PIN-Headed, Part 13

, , , , , | Right | September 2, 2020

I work in a department store that has its own credit card available with store perks, which has good deals especially on days like Black Friday. At the till, the extent of our dealings with the credit card are encouraging customers to apply for the card, giving leaflets with info, and helping customers paying off their monthly bill.

It is my first Black Friday in retail and, unsurprisingly, the queue is out of the door. I have done about four hours so far and although it’s been difficult to keep up a good pace so people don’t get impatient, everyone has been generally very pleasant so far!

An older couple gets to the front of the queue.

Me: “Hi, how can I help?”

Male Customer: “Yes, we have the [Store] credit card and we’ve forgotten the PIN number. Can you sort this out for us, please?”

Me: “The creditors would be the ones who could sort that out for you, with the information you have when you signed up. You can call or email them to request a new PIN, or I can find a number for you here so you can call them.”

Female Customer: “Yes, but we want to use it today. It’s Black Friday. Could you check if our PIN is correct?”

Me: “I’m so sorry, I don’t get access to that information at the till point, unfortunately. Your options are to call up the company at this phone here, or try and purchase an item using your PIN; then you’ll be able to see if you have it correct.”

Female Customer: “This is absolutely ridiculous. Can’t you see if we have the right PIN?”

Me: “I’m very sorry, I don’t have access to customer information and we can’t reset PINs or other personal information at the till point. If you wanted to try and make a purchase, we can check if it’s correct and you can always return it; that’s all I can do.”

The male customer is tutting and turns to shake his head and mutter at everyone behind him.

Male Customer: “This is awful service. It’s a simple task and you can’t do it?”

They are both giving me the evil eye and generally trying to get a consensus from all the other shoppers that I am THE WORST CASHIER EVER.

I am now panicking because the queue is getting longer and I have no clue how to end this and not start crying because I am definitely not thick-skinned enough for retail.

Me: “Let me get my manager and I’ll see what she says is the best option for you.”

My manager hears their predicament.

Manager: “Unfortunately, your only options are to try and purchase an item and see if you remember your PIN correctly, or to call up the credit company to reset your PIN.”

Male Customer: “Oh, we already called them; they said they’re sending out a new PIN within two weeks!”

Me: “…”

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