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Piloting The Discussion

| Learning | December 21, 2015

(My civics econ teacher is known throughout the school for not really caring about teaching. Every week, he sits at his computer all day, or he talks on the phone. He doesn’t read any work we turn in and only teaches if he knows an administrator will be watching the lesson. Every week, he has us turn in a short paragraph defining a local news story, with the option to present it to the class for extra points. One week, a kid chooses to write about the Minnesota pilots who overshot their destination while distracted by various things, including watching adult videos on their computers. I am surprised when my teacher actually takes an interest in the story.)

Teacher: “I can’t believe the pilots were fired. I could understand if they were disciplined, but firing them is taking it too far.”

(I raise my hand and he calls on me.)

Me: *politely* “I don’t think I agree.”

Teacher: “Why is that?”

Me: “Well, I guess it seems to me, that if someone is paid to do something, but is completely ignoring their job and doing who knows what on a computer all day, they should be fired.”

Teacher: “That’s an interesting thought. Anyone else have thoughts?”

(As far as I could tell, it never occurred to him that I wasn’t just talking about the pilots.)